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5-minute interview at Quills and Zebras!
Today a 5-minute interview at Quills and Zebras! Here's how it starts:
5 Minute Monday: Lynne Murray

Posted on October 3, 2011 by A.M. Harte

Lynne Murray writes fast-moving books with fun and funny adventures featuring life-sized heroines. She admits to have a slightly rebellious streak when it comes to storytelling, and has written romantic comedies, vampire romps, and mysteries, offering an antidote to modern society’s view that heroines only come in size zero packages.

Describe yourself in one tweet (140 characters).

LM: I’ve loved books since before I could read, and I aim to empower and entertain with large as life characters, fun and funny stories.

Tell us about The Falstaff Vampire Files. What’s it about, and where did the idea come from?

LM: The book is about Sir John Falstaff–undead and misbehaving in San Francisco–mainly told from the viewpoint of Kristin Marlowe, a psychologist who starts out being skeptical about the very existence of vampires.

When I started to think about writing a vampire book I wondered what a real life psychologist would think if one of her clients talked about vampires.
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We few, we happy few...
I was recently discussing with a friend I’ve known for 40 years what it is that makes life worth living. In my case, I listed few of the usual things that people rely on at my time of life. I could say with absolute certainty that knowing what I want to do, doing what I want to do makes me happy. Joining in with people I admire to help people learn to respect and accept themselves and their bodies as they are makes me happy.
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New weapons for old battles
Some thoughts on new tools to fight persistent enemies at Body Impolitic

We have so little info on what real bodies look like...
I posted over on Body Impolitic about an interactive site for sharing pictures, sizes, weights of actual, non-professional model women. The stories that accompany the images provided an illuminating snapshot of the sadness women of all sizes feel about our own bodies.
What Does Size [Fill in the Blank] Look Like?

A treasure trove of Andrew Fox posts
I've been a fan of Andrew Fox since Fat White Vampire Blues came out, so I was glad to hear that he had returned to the web here: after a Hurricane-Katrina-induced hiatus.

Today, I checked in on his blog and found he's been posting on a wealth of topics as diverse as: mom & pop stores in Manassas, Virginia; his vintage laptop collection mania; the implications of Borders Bookstores closing; Civil War reenactments; George Alec Effinger’s short fiction; Jewish vampires; the end of NASA manned flights; the origin of his Jules Duchon vampire character; and etc., and etc.

The fun thing about Andrew Fox's writing is the depth of thought combined with the wildness of his flights of fantasy and humor. It will take time to explore all this, but I'm looking forward to it.

One book at a time...again
Posted over at Body Impolitic, a few more thoughts on my journey over the last 14 years and seeing Larger Than Death back in print again.

Cross-posted snippet
Over at blogspot for the past 20 weeks I've posted snippets from Bride of the Living Dead, I'm shifting over to share a few lines from Larger Than Death, the first in the Josephine Fuller mystery series, reissued July 15th by Pearlsong Press and now available in ebook for the first time.

At booksignings when Larger Than Death came out some people gasped when I read the first line. I think that might still happen. I spent more time writing and polishing the first line than on any other line in the book.

That said, I'm starting the snippet below with the SECOND line in the book. You can read all of Chapter 1 on my web page.

Friends sometimes call me Donna Quixote because tilting windmills is what I do for a living. I got started when I answered an ad in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Need person of substance for special assignments: part bloodhound, part bulldog, part lone wolf. Job requires quick study, travel and communication skills. Must genuinely care about the advancement of women.

As a matter of fact, I was feeling quite concerned about the advancement of women in general and myself in particular at the moment I read the ad.

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Six sentences about Uncle Walt's church
When having a crazy religious uncle can work to one's advantage at

How do I dehumanize you...
For your consideration on Body Impolitic thoughts on dealing with hostility through venting and/or art

Six sentences of wedding planning madness, add one deranged minister uncle
Daria’s uncle is a minister who could perform the ceremony. On one hand, this could be a problem. On the other hand Daria's finally found something she enjoys about this process.


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