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A few notes about how Falstaff became a vampire
In a way Sir John Falstaff was an early pioneer of fat activism, although one thing that gets lost in all the laughter is that Shakespeare painted him as a disillusioned veteran soldier reduced to crashing in taverns and mooching off whomever was handy. I think this career description has more to do with vampires than it appears on the surface. I've discussed why briefly on the Body Impolitic blog--link below--and I am so happy to see the cover of my new book, The Falstaff Vampire Files, right over there on the right-hand column of Body Impolitic!

Part of the inspiration for the book was a Bay Area activist for fat men, who liked my mysteries featuring, Josephine Fuller, sleuth of size, but who wanted to see more fat men as well as fat women in fiction. Somehow that idea and the desire to write a vampire book inspired the thought that Sir John Falstaff, perhaps the most famous fat rogue and con man in literature would make an excellent vampire. After all vampires live outside the mainstream of normal human life, and have to reinvent themselves constantly to survive. Who better to do that than a confirmed con man?
More at The Falstaff Vampire Files on Body Impolitic


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