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Free Kindle copy of At Large for a few more days (till Sat Jan 22)

The first line is a nod to Casablanca:
Of all the women's job skill centers in all the towns in all the Pacific Northwest, he walks into mine.

It's a king-sized case for a queen-sized sleuth. In At Large Jo is working undercover at a women's skills center when she spots an old acquaintance. Jo last saw Teddy in Kathmandu when her photographer husband ran off with Teddy's mountain-climbing wife, leaving the spouses to commiserate. Now Teddy has a new problem—his latest girlfriend is missing. Jo agrees to track her down, and the trail leads straight to his estranged wife, murdered with a climbing axe. Jo suddenly finds herself a major suspect in the death of the woman who broke up her marriage.
"An entertaining story starring a larger-than-life heroine."--Midwest Book Review

"Warm, likeable characters enliven the neatly plotted At Large. The story has a nice twist to it, with an ending that will take you by surprise."--Romantic Times


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